We make personal care products with a clear goal to satisfy the lifestyles needs of men who want to feel great, look good and smell good without spending a king's ransom.

We knew that with innovation and technology, natural ingredients or materials can be used in many ways to enhance the quality, safety and efficacy of products. Thus we collaborated with industry experts to make products you will love. 

Manhogany products contain as much natural ingredients as possible to achieve each product goal, and often contain scientifically safe synthetics. We are transparent about the percentage of natural ingredients in our products.

Manhogany embodies a modern man with unique characteristics of mahogany tree i.e. diversity (of specie), natural, strong, practical, safety and good for the environment. It also embodies a man that is confident to pay a premium to take care of himself.

  • Man = Our Business
  • Mahogany Tree = Our Inspiration (Strong + Natural + Environment + Safety + Quality + Diversity + Practical)
  • Man + Mahogany = MANHOGANY


To be The Destination for men’s personal care - desired by men and women for its overall value.


Men like to look good, smell good and feel great. We know our body crave good ingredients, yet our personal care needs have been generally overlooked for too long.

Growing up acne faced and often dry body, Mike knows first-hand the challenges of finding suitable men’s products and the consequences of using random products from his local store or his sister’s shelf. Realising that men’s personal care market was dominated by mass market products with cheap ingredients that weren’t quite nice on the skin, and luxury products that were very pricey, he set out to make high quality and safe products for men at affordable price.