Lockdown Beards: A Necessary Trend and How to Tame It

by Lizzie Faircliff on October 21, 2020
Lockdown Beards

Perhaps you experienced it, or you saw a colleague or family member looking rather more unruly in a zoom meeting, the lockdown beard became almost a bigger pandemic than COVID-19. I had the delight of watching my Dad’s days old stubble become something more resembling Santa Claus. And it hasn’t just happened to us, everyone from Jim Carrey to Will Smith succumbed to the trend. Noah Centineo showed his support with the hashtag #letsgrowtogether.

Why did the world suddenly decide en-masse to stop shaving? Well, people didn’t have to. Barbers were shut. The start of lockdown meant, for a lot of people, no contact with the outside world, no more looking professional for the office, and therefore a quick way to gain five more minutes of your day. Zoom meetings require less of a professional look - through a pixelated camera, no one minds any scruffy facial hair. It was a chance to grow out a beard away from prying eyes.

There is also an element of solidarity. As shown through Noah Centineo’s hashtag #letsgrowtogether, the lockdown beard became something people could connect with when the world was going through a difficult time. Through social media and video conferencing, men could laugh and admire each other’s beard attempts, adding humour into what was a very solitary time for a lot of people.

Now, however, the world has opened up again. We have to see each other in person. The experimental facial hair now has to become something more than a laughing point. But does the beard have to go?

new beard

Not necessarily. If you like your new beard, there is no need to shave it off. Here is how to get your lockdown beard ready for the outside world:

1. Firstly, keep it neat. If you are trimming your beard at home, then be sure to give it a wash first. Use both shampoo and conditioner before drying it well and combing it out in the direction it grows, detangling the bristly hairs. It is recommended you moisturise the skin beneath the hair to keep it healthy.

2. Trim away those stray hairs. And don’t forget to trim the moustache, which will neaten up the entire look whether your facial hair is still in the growing phase or you’re trying to smarten up a bushy beard.

3. Use either clippers or a razor. If you have a longer beard, clippers will be better for cutting the length. Or, if you have only a short beard, try our double-edged safety razor. Decide how much you want to go before starting. It might be better to trim a little bit at a time, rather than cutting the length off in one go - you might regret wasting your hard efforts in growing it! You can always cut it shorter, but it will take longer to grow back.

4. Use the nose and ears as a guide to make sure your beard is symmetrical. Make sure you trim everything evenly, including under the chin and keep the sideburns thin to avoid making your cheeks look puffy.

5. Lastly, define your neckline for a more chiselled look. To ensure it is uniform, pull the skin taut and go with the grain.

Neatening up your beard and getting rid of that unkempt look can do wonders for your appearance and confidence. Try to maintain your new look and keep your beard looking healthy with regular care. A more defined look will keep you feeling good and looking good.


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