The Low-down on Hempseed Oil

by Aimee Townsend on December 19, 2020


In recent times, there has been an undeniable buzz around the use of Hempseed oil and Cannabidiol (CBD oil) in health, beauty and cosmetics space. Increasing number of companies including top brands have been jumping on the bandwagon to infuse oils from Cannabis sativa plant into their products. To the folks who are yet to catch up with the trend, don’t worry, the trend is showing no sign of slowing down and this is why.

The Green Rush

Cannabis plant business has been one of the biggest breakout market of this decade. Although we’ve known about the multiple medicinal and wellness applications of cannabis for several decades, companies and consumers have been unable to capitalise on its benefits due to legal restrictions. However, as people became more conscious about their health and wellness, awareness on the benefits of natural products grew, and then indie culture and skincare innovation fuelled the demand and strengthened the allure of CBD oil and Hemp Oil.

CBD Oil vs. Hempseed Oil

Though both have risen in popularity, there seems to be a widespread confusion over the difference between CBD and Hempseed Oil. Oftentimes companies seeking to ride the green rush wave, tend to make bogus claims about the product content and its efficacy. Whilst both oils originate from the same species of Cannabis Sativa plant, they have different properties and should be perceived more as cousins than interchangeable twins.

Hempseed Oil is cold pressed oil from the seed of the plant and is known for its rich moisturising properties that keep skin hydrated- it has been around in cosmetics for much longer than CBD. Its scientific name (and what you will commonly see upon reading a product’s ingredients list) is Cannabis Sativa Oil.

CBD on the other hand is extracted from the leaves and stalk of the plant and is known for its restoring and anti-inflammatory purposes. Though researchers are constantly discovering new benefits of CBD, it is thought to be a great antidote to the process of ageing. To spot CBD, look out for the terms Cannabidiol, full-spectrum Hemp or PCR on the ingredients list.

So Will it Make me High?

Unfortunately not. Both CBD and Hemp contain only trace amounts of the chemical compound THC (Tetrahyrdocannabinol), which is what triggers the psychoactive response known as “getting high”. In order to even trigger a small psychoactive response from CBD and Hemp Oil, it's thought that you would need to smoke a joint of Hemp the size of a telephone pole. So no chance of any trips whilst you’re applying your Hemp Oil shower gel.

Skin Benefits of Hempseed Oil

Whilst both Hempseed Oil and CBD offer a wide range of benefits, I am going to talk more in depth about some of the properties of Hempseed Oil in particular. Known as a heavy duty moisturiser, Hempseed Oil has a high and balanced content of essential fatty acids. These acids, omegas 3, 6 and 9, make Hempseed Oil the perfect ingredient to soothe dry skin and work to protect and replenish the skin's natural moisture barrier. Cosmetics experts also suggest that Hempseed Oil helps to form a natural barrier to pollutants, something we could all definitely see benefit from. It also helps to soothe muscle aches and calm inflammation, making it an ideal additive to your body care routine.

Where Can I Get Some?

By now you're probably just left wondering where you can get your hands on a product that contains such beneficial ingredients, right? Here at Manhogany our 100% hand crafted bath and shower gel is formulated with hempseed oil, provitamin B5 and soothing Aloe Vera extract. This Hemp seed oil bath and shower gel is suitable for vegans and will refresh, rejuvenate and moisturise all skin types. It contains 95% natural ingredients and has a calming basil fragrance with fresh citrus notes and a woody base.


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