Busting 5 of the Biggest Shaving Myths

by Amiel Botha on August 21, 2020


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1. The more blades, the better: 👎 FALSE

The most common mistake we make when it comes to shaving is believing that more blades mean a closer shave. Despite popular belief that more blades are better, a single blade will not only give you a closer shave but help prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps.  

When several blades glide across your face, it removes more than hair, it tugs at the hair, ripping skin off. Used cartridge razors are a breeding ground for bacteria that ends up on your face and causes redness, and irritation. 

Using the Manhogany Double Edge Safety Razor with a fresh high quality blade will give you a smoother and more luxurious shave without the irritation, tugs and bumps.   

2. Buying cartridges are cheaper: 👎 FALSE

When investing in a good quality safety razor, the price might be significantly more than buying a high quality cartridge razor. But the initial investment in a safety razor will pay for itself in the long run, when it comes to replacing blades versus cartridges. 

When comparing the prices of purchasing cartridges versus single blades, the price stacks up tenfold. Safety razors are not just durable, they won’t break the bank if you tried. 

good quality safety razor such as the Manhogany brand has a slightly more weighted handle which offers a more premium feel and better ergonomic design. The use of premium materials for the handle ensures that it can last for several years with daily use before having to replace the handle. It is eco-friendly in comparison to traditional plastic, non-recyclable cartridge razors.   

3. You must shave against the grain: 👎 FALSE

Somewhere between the age of 15 and 23, when late bloomers start to learn how to shave their beards, something that tends to show up in some way or form after a fresh shave, is skin irritation. There are two reasons for this, which can be corrected without having to use any extra products, just a technique adjustment. 

The first, is to ALWAYS shave with the grain. When you go against the grain, be it a double edge safety razor or a cartridge razor, you are literally tearing out the hairs on your face. With the tearing of the hairs, your skin is going to start to feel uncomfortable. 

The second, is that we forget that as we age, our skin changes. Meaning the direction the hair on our face used to grow, has now shifted due to aging and having less elasticity in the skin. Updating your shaving technique is crucial for a smooth shave and avoiding the risk of skin irritation and razor bumps.   

4. Facial hair doesn’t need to be washed as often: 👎 FALSE

Unless you are going for a rugged look, and even then, it is suggested to wash your facial hair just as often as the hair on your head. Using a natural product such as, Manhogany shower gel is a great complimenting product to use in the shower. It will hydrate your facial hair and make it softer. Easier to shave and manage on a daily basis. 

5. New blades gives more skin cuts: 👎 FALSE

In fact the opposite happens to be true. A used/old blade or cartridge will more likely lead to skin cuts. By adding pressure to the blade on the skin to achieve the same close shave you would have with a new blade, you run the risk of cutting your skin, getting bumps and ingrown hairs. 

When you are using a double edge safety razor, a new blade can be tricky but by using the correct technique and angle it can become your best friend - then you get the smoothest shave. The ‘perfect’ angle is said to be about 30 degrees, this could make a significant difference to your skin and beard games.


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