5 Benefits of a Double-Edged Safety Razor

by Aimee Townsend on September 19, 2020
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Though we might have been programmed to think so, newer doesn’t always mean better. Nowadays big brands promising to provide you with the best shave ever, often entice us with campaigns of flashy new razors with up to 6 blade cartridges. However, the truth is that all you really need to get a close and comfortable shave is one single, sharp piece of steel.

The Double-Edged Safety Razor were popularized in the 1900s by King Camp Gillette's invention and has been used for decades in men's grooming, but lately its made a comeback.  We've outlined some of its top benefits, so if you're really looking for ‘your best shave ever’ then listen up!

 1. That was a close shave

    Whilst cartridge razors with more blades might offer a decent shave in a short amount of time a Double-Edged Safety Razor can offer the closest shave you’ve ever experienced. Without the plastic buffer surrounding layers of built up blades, a single blade is able to get closer to the skin and therefore provide you with a closer shave. Once you’ve perfected the easy to learn technique of using a safety razor you’ll begin to find it offers up a more controlled shave which provides a smoother final result.

    The weight and balance of a safety razor are designed perfectly to fit comfortably in your hand and allow the razor to do all of the work for you. The single blade will also allow for a more precise shave, making it easier to carve defined lines with more consistency, something that most of us find difficult with your everyday disposable razor.

     2. Save a pretty penny

    Long term, using a Double-Edged Safety Razor is by far the cheapest way to shave. Though the initial purchase of your razor may look a little daunting at first compared to your regular grooming spends, top quality shaving tools can last years and years without needing to be replaced. What’s more, quality razor blades can be purchased for as little as 20p, whereas multi blade cartridges cost around £3.50 on average, meaning your long term savings will quickly add up!

    3. Save our planet

    Do the earth a favour and take a step towards reducing your carbon footprint. Most people going green these days are doing it for good reasons. Ditch the non-recyclable cartridge razors and opt for safety razor blades which are 100% recyclable. If you opt for that zero-waste lifestyle then you can even collect all your used metal blades in an old tin, tape down the lid when full and take it straight to a local metal recycler. In addition, the more traditional shaving soaps and creams that are often paired with safety razors tend to be much better for the environment too, and will do far less damage than the chemical packed canned shaving gels and foams that are widely available.

     4. Level up your skin

    As mentioned earlier, once you’ve got the technique down then the safety razor will be doing most of the work for you. A single blade safety razor will provide a close shave that can eliminate pain, bumps, irritation, razor burn and ingrown hairs. The single, sharp blade usually only requires one or two passes for a close smooth shave and the less you are passing the blades across your skin, the less irritation can occur. The balance and weight of the razor will also require less pressure which again will help to cut down on razor burn and irritation. When paired with a good quality shaving cream and soap, this will leave your skin hair free, clear and soft.

     5. Be the best version of yourself

    As the saying goes - to feel your best, you’ve got to look your best; what better way to look and feel great than kick-starting the morning with a great shave that makes you feel awake and confident to start the day. In addition, you will be improving your self-care hygiene by shaving with a single blade to avoid accumulation of bacteria or germs between blades which is common with closely packed cartridge blades. It’s recommended that you replace the blade in your safety razor every three to four shaves, although if you have coarse and thick facial hair, then you may need to replace your blade more often. With a good quality, cost saving, easy to replace as well as the reusability of razor blades, staying hygienic is easy. 

    So why not opt for a more enjoyable and interactive grooming experience that transcends and transforms your tedious and boring morning grooming routine. Get a cleaner, closer and more environmentally friendly shave that’s better for your skin at just a fraction of the cost. Check out Manhogany Double-Edged Safety Razors now to get yourself started.


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